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Dato Robert Geneid talks to Oxford Business Group

Dato Robert Geneid, the Managing Director of Borsarmulu Resort, was interviewed by the Oxford Business Group on his views of the tourism industry in Sarawak.

Dato Robert Geneid has been in the field of tourism and especially in eco-tourism for a long time. He is the person behind the international hotels – Miri Marriot Resort and Spa and the Royal Mulu Resort. He is also on the board of Tourism Malaysia and the Malaysian Convention and Exhibition Bureau.

When asked about the impact of Gunung Mulu National Park being named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dato Robert Geneid said that since an international body has promoted the site, it becomes a useful marketing tool the National Park and the Mulu region.

Dato Robert Geneid also shared his thoughts on ecotourism in Sarawak. He said that the tourism market is now becoming more sophisticated and seasoned travellers are no longer satisfied with “just lounging on the beach all day”.  With the biggest cave chamber in the world and the largest blossom on earth, Mulu has the potential to deliver on a unique and memorable experience that the tourists will be able to brag about to their friends.

He also shared his view that North Asia is a potential source of investment as the investor there would realise that Sarawak offers the type of rare attractions that is held in high regards by tourists from their countries.

Dato Robert Geneid also understands that there is a need for conservation especially now that the Gunung Mulu National Park has the World Heritage Site status. He cautioned however that conservation has to be balanced with development in order to be sustainable for the long term.

The full report can be read on Oxford Business Group website or in their publication or at this site.

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