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Visions of Mulu: Message from Dato Robert Geneid

Extracted from the Visions of Mulu: 60 million years in the making.

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Mulu National ParkMulu is a place where you can marvel at the wonders of nature. Its topography rises from less than 30 metres above sea level, where you are enveloped in primeval tropical rainforest and undisturbed ecosystems, to a staggering 2,376 metres above sea level where the vegetation is sub alpine.

Visitors to Mulu enjoy warm days and temperate evenings when the cool mountain air descends into the Mulu valley. Nightfall also brings the rainforest alive with a symphony of sights and sounds – the flickering of the fireflies and the jungle orchestra of insects, frogs and other nocturnal creatures.

In the skies, the millions of bats which reside in the gargantuan caves of Mulu by day take flight in search of food – insects – of which they devour tons every evening.

The ecosystem in Mulu is pristine and unspoiled. Visitors feel a sense of awe and wonderment when first confronted with Mulu’s natural majesty.

Up until 30 years ago, no-one from the outside world visited Mulu. Commencing with the Royal Geographical Society’s historic visit to Mulu in 1978 and 1979, more and more became known about this special place, and finally, in 2000, Mulu was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List of Natural Sites. To achieve this honour a site must satisfy at least one of four criteria. Mulu satisfied all four making it one of a handful of sites in the World to do so.

The World Heritage Committee found that

  1. The caves of Mulu allow a greater understanding of the Earth’s history;
  2. The caves of Mulu provide outstanding scientific opportunities to study the origin of cave fauna and demonstrate an evolutionary history of more than 1.5 million years;
  3. Mulu’s deeply incised canyons, wild rivers, rainforest-covered mountains, spectacular limestone pinnacles, cave passages and decorations provide outstanding scenic values; and
  4. Mulu provides significant natural habitat for a wide range of plant and animal diversity. It is botanically rich in species and high in endemism, including one of the richest sites in the world for palm species.

Apart from enjoying its unsurpassed natural beauty, visitors also have the opportunity to experience the culture of the local indigenous people. In the past 20 years tourism has come to Mulu. In the beginning, the people from the Mulu valley and the hinterland did not quite understand their role in this new activity. With time, many of the indigenous people obtained employment and received training at the Royal Mulu Resort, and recently a greater number have been employed at the Mulu World Heritage Area. There they have been able to turn their knowledge of their environment into a vocation. Between the Royal Mulu Resort and the Mulu World Heritage Area, over 180 individuals are directly employed, the majority being the local people. This employment represents the core economic activity of the Mulu region. In short, an industry has developed around eco-tourism. The State Government of Sarawak, together with the private sector has ensured that the Park offers world-class infrastructure to enable tourists from all over the globe to enjoy its natural wonders.

All of this activity, however, is consonant with the underlying principle of ensuring that in harnessing its tourism potential, the Mulu World Heritage Area is protected at all times for the enjoyment of future generations.

It is in this area that I feel the greatest sense of satisfaction. I have contributed to the establishment of an industry in Mulu based on sustainable eco-tourism. Together with the help of the State Government, my Company has created employment for the local people of Mulu and in doing so, has given them useful skills through training, providing them with income, dignity and hope for the future. This has been a source of much personal satisfaction.

Come to Mulu. Experience the wonders, which were “60 million years in the making”.

Experience nature at her unspoilt best.
Experience the warmth and the friendliness of her people.
Experience local customs and traditions.
Experience Mulu. There is nothing like it in the World.

Robert Geneid

Dato Robert Geneid

Managing Director of Borsarmulu Park Management Sdn. Bhd.

The Managing Agent of Mulu National Park in Conjunction with the Forestry Department of Sarawak.

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