Visions of Mulu

Visions of Mulu : 60 million years in the making

The cover of Visions of Mulu : 60 million years in the making

Gunung Mulu National Park, located deep in the interior of Sarawak, is a 52,864-ha UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park contains a large number of flora and fauna and is known to have some 3,500 species of vascular plants, 80 species of mammals and 270 species of birds.  With the 2,377m high Gunung Mulu towering majestically over the park, with its 50m high sharp blades of rock, making it one of the outstanding karst feature in the region. As a matter of fact, Mulu is one of the most studied tropical karst are in the World!

S Clark Photo of Deer Cave

It is estimated that the park has about 295km of caves including the Sarawak Chamber, a 600m x 415m and 80m high cave chamber, the largest one in the world. This high concentraion of large cave passages and chambers provide a major wildlife spectable in terms of millions of cave swiftlets and bats.

Fletcher & Baylis Camponotus gigas ants

Camponotus gigas ants farm honey dew from a Lantern bug (Scamandra polychroma)

To showcase this further to the rest of the world, Borsarmulu Park Management, in collaboration with Sarawak Forestry Corporation, has released a high quality photo book featuring photography contributions from Robbie Shone, Ch’ien Lee, Jerry Wooldridge, Matt Kirby and many more. The book also gives an introductory lesson to the history and geography of this World Heritage site and gives an insight into cave exploration. Excellent nature photography of the stunning scenery and the wide range of the region’s flora and fauna makes this book a must for nature lovers.

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Visions of Mulu : 60 million years in the making (Hardcover)

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